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Open Topics

At the moment none. Please contact Prof. Schuh.

Current Master Theses

  •  Surface deformations induced by Earthquakes as measured by VLBI
  • Group delay ambiguity resolution and ionospheric corrections for geodetic Very Long Baseline Interferometry
  • Solar corona electron density from long-term VLBI data
  • Electron Density Model of Solar Corona from VLBI Observations
  • Genauigkeitsuntersuchung von Local Tie Vektoren
  • Improvements of the stochastic model of the VLBI data analysis in VieVS@GFZ
  • Thermal deformation model of a VLBI antenna
  • Earthquake-induced surface deformation measrured by VLBI

Completed Master Theses

  • Earth rotation determination by ring laser gyroscope and VLBI (Elisabeth Parselia)
  • Development and Evaluation of GFZ-PT (Apurva Phogat)
  • Investigation of Scale Effects in the TRF determined by VLBI (Daniel Wahl)

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