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A. Akilan and K. K. Abdul Azeez and S. Balaji and H. Schuh and Y. Srinivas (2015). GPS derived Zenith Total Delay (ZTD) observed at tropical locations in South India during atmospheric storms and depressions.

D. Thaller and R. Gross and Z. Altamimi and D. Angermann and Y. Bar-Sever and R. Biancale and J. Boehm and M. Caissy and A. Craddock and R. Dach and H. Hase and M. Heflin and R. Heinkelmann and T. Herring and Rolf König and F. Lemoine and B. Luzum and C. Ma and D. Mac Millan and J. Mueller and T. Nilsson and A. Nothnagel and E. Pavlis and M. Pearlman and B. Petrachenko and Markus Rothacher and H. Schuh and M. Seitz (2015). The GGOS Working Group on Performance Simulations and Architectural Trade-Offs (PLATO).

H. Schuh and Rolf König and Dimitrios Ampatzidis and Susanne Glaser and Frank Flechtner and R. Heinkelmann and T. Nilsson (2015). On the Strategy of Simulating a GGOS Network.

J. Saynisch and Maximilian Semmling and J. Wickert and M. Thomas (2015). Potential of space-borne GNSS reflectometry to constrain simulations of the ocean circulation.

Jan Hagedoorn and Wolfgang Bosch and Matthias Madzak and H. Schuh (2015). Influence of admittance theory on oceanic tidal angular momentum.

L. Bertino and E. Cardellach and N. Catarino and A. Camps and G. Foti and C. Gommenginger and H. Park and A. Rius and Maximilian Semmling and F. Soulat and A. Sousa and J. Wickert and J. Xie (2015). Assessment of Requirements and Consolidation of Retrieval Algorithms (GARCA).

L. Bertino and E. Cardellach and N. Catarino and A. Camps and G. Foti and C. Gommgenginger and H. Park and A. Rius and Maximilian Semmling and F. Soulat and A. Sousa and J. Wickert and J. Xie (2015). GNSS-R – Assessment of Requirements and Consolidation of Retrieval Algorithms (GARCA).

A. L. Fey and D. Gordon and C. S. Jacobs and C. Ma and R. A. Gaume and E. F. Arias and G. Bianco and D. A. Boboltz and S. Böckmann and S. Bolotin and P. Charlot and A. Collioud and G. Engelhardt and J. Gipson and A.-M. Gontier and R. Heinkelmann and S. Kurdubov and S. Lambert and S. Lytvyn and D. S. MacMillan and Z. Malkin and A. Nothnagel and R. Ojha and E. Skurikhina and J. Sokolova and J. Souchay and O. J. Sovers and V. Tesmer and O. Titov and G. Wang and V. Zharov (2015). The Second Realization of the International Celestial Reference Frame by Very Long Baseline Interferometry.

M. Madzak and M. Schindelegger and J. Böhm and W. Bosch and Jan Hagedoorn and H. Schuh (2015). An updated model of short-period Earth rotation variations deduced from altimetry-based elevations and barotropic currents.

M. Schmidt and F. Göttl and R. Heinkelmann (2015). Towards the Combination of Data Sets from Various Observation Techniques.

Jon D. Pelletier, A. Brad Murray, Jennifer L. Pierce, Paul R. Bierman, David D. Breshears, Benjamin T. Crosby, Michael Ellis, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, Arjun M. Heimsath, Chris Houser, Nick Lancaster, Marco Marani, Dorothy J. Merritts, Laura J. Moore, Joel L. Pederson, Michael J. Poulos, Tammy M. Rittenour, Joel C. Rowland, Peter Ruggiero, Dylan J. Ward, Andrew D. Wickert, Elowyn M. Yager (2015). Forecasting the response of Earth's surface to future climatic and land-use changes: A review of methods and research needs.

Susanne Glaser and Mathias Fritsche and Krzysztof Sośnica and Carlos Javier Rodríguez-Solano and Kan Wang and Rolf Dach and Urs Hugentobler and Markus Rothacher and Reinhard Dietrich (2015). A consistent combination of GNSS and SLR with minimum constraints.

T. Nilsson and B. Soja and Maria Karbon and R. Heinkelmann and H. Schuh (2015). Application of Kalman filtering in VLBI data analysis.

T. Nilsson and Maria Karbon and B. Soja and Robert Heinkelmann and C. Lu and H. Schuh (2015). Atmospheric modeling for co-located VLBI antennas and twin telescopes.

Xingxing Li and Florian Zus and C. Lu and Tong Ning and G. Dick and Maorong Ge and J. Wickert and H. Schuh (2015). Retrieving high-resolution tropospheric gradients from multiconstellation GNSS observations.

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