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Jon D. Pelletier, A. Brad Murray, Jennifer L. Pierce, Paul R. Bierman, David D. Breshears, Benjamin T. Crosby, Michael Ellis, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, Arjun M. Heimsath, Chris Houser, Nick Lancaster, Marco Marani, Dorothy J. Merritts, Laura J. Moore, Joel L. Pederson, Michael J. Poulos, Tammy M. Rittenour, Joel C. Rowland, Peter Ruggiero, Dylan J. Ward, Andrew D. Wickert, Elowyn M. Yager (2015). Forecasting the response of Earth's surface to future climatic and land-use changes: A review of methods and research needs.

Susanne Glaser and Mathias Fritsche and Krzysztof Sośnica and Carlos Javier Rodríguez-Solano and Kan Wang and Rolf Dach and Urs Hugentobler and Markus Rothacher and Reinhard Dietrich (2015). A consistent combination of GNSS and SLR with minimum constraints.

T. Nilsson and B. Soja and Maria Karbon and R. Heinkelmann and H. Schuh (2015). Application of Kalman filtering in VLBI data analysis.

T. Nilsson and Maria Karbon and B. Soja and Robert Heinkelmann and C. Lu and H. Schuh (2015). Atmospheric modeling for co-located VLBI antennas and twin telescopes.

Xingxing Li and Florian Zus and C. Lu and Tong Ning and G. Dick and Maorong Ge and J. Wickert and H. Schuh (2015). Retrieving high-resolution tropospheric gradients from multiconstellation GNSS observations.

Xingxing Li and G. Dick and C. Lu and Maorong Ge and T. Nilsson and Mathias Fritsche and J. Wickert and H. Schuh (2015). Multi-GNSS meteorology: Real-time retrieving of atmospheric parameters from GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo observations.

H. Schuh and Rolf König and Dimitrios Ampatzidis and Susanne Glaser and Frank Flechtner and R. Heinkelmann and T. Nilsson (2016). GGOS-SIM - Simulation of the Reference Frame for the Global Geodetic Observing System.

J. Wickert and Estel Cardellach and Manuel Martín-Neira and Jorge Bandeiras and Laurent Bertino and Ole Baltazar  Andersen and Adriano Camps and Nuno Catarino and Bertrand Chapron and Fran Fabra and Nicolas Floury and Giuseppe Foti and Christine Gommenginger and Jason Hatton and Per Høeg and Adrian Jäggi and Michael Kern and Tong Lee and Zhijin Li and Hyuk Park and Nazzareno Pierdicca and Gerhard Ressler and Antonio Rius and Josep Roselló and J. Saynisch and François  Soulat and C. K. Shum and Maximilian Semmling and Ana Sousa and Jiping Xi and Cinzia Zuffada (2016). GEROS-ISS: GNSS REflectometry, Radio Occultation, and Scatterometry Onboard the International Space Station.

Maximilian Semmling and Vera Leister and J. Saynisch and Florian Zus and J. Wickert (2016). GNSS reflectometry aboard the International Space Station: phase-altimetry simulation to detect ocean topography anomalies.

Maximilian Semmling and Vera Leister and J. Saynisch and Florian Zus and Stefan Heise and J. Wickert (2016). A Phase-Altimetric Simulator: Studying the Sensitivity of Earth-Reflected GNSS Signals to Ocean Topography.

Ning, T. and Wickert, J. and Deng, Z. and Heise, S. and Dick, G. and Vey, S. and Schöne, T. (2016). Homogenized Time Series of the Atmospheric Water Vapor Content Obtained from the GNSS Reprocessed Data.

Sibylle Vey and Andreas Güntner and J. Wickert and Theresa Blume and Markus Ramatschi (2016). Long-term soil moisture dynamics derived from GNSS interferometric reflectometry: a case study for Sutherland, South Africa.

Tong Ning and J. Wang and G. Elgered and G. Dick and J. Wickert and Markus Bradke and M. Sommer (2016). The uncertainty of the atmospheric integrated water vapour estimated from GNSS observations.

Zinovy Malki and Thomas Art and Johannes Böh and R. Heinkelmann (2016). Preface.

Soja, B. and Heinkelmann, R. and Schuh, H. (2016). Solar Corona Electron Densities from VLBI and GIM Data. IAG 150 Years: Proceedings of the IAG Scientific Assembly in Postdam, Germany, 2013,. Springer International Publishing, 611 - 616.



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