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Susanne Glaser and Mathias Fritsche and Krzysztof Sośnica and Carlos Javier Rodríguez-Solano and Kan Wang and Rolf Dach and Urs Hugentobler and Markus Rothacher and Reinhard Dietrich (2015). A consistent combination of GNSS and SLR with minimum constraints.


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Wickert, J. and Dick, G. and Ge, Maorong and Schmidt, T. and Semmling, Maximilian and Alshawaf, Fadwa and Arras, Christina and Asgarimehr, Milad and Babeyko, A. Y. and Deng, Z. and Heise, Stefan and Klotz, Juergen and Li, Xingxing and Lu, C. and Männel, B. and Ramatschi, M. and Simeonov, Tzvetan and Vey, Sibylle and Zus, Florian and Schuh, H. (2017). Erdbeobachtung mit Navigationssatelliten. System Erde. Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ, 24 - 31.


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Xingxing Li and Maorong Ge and C. Lu and Yong Zhang and R. Wang and J. Wickert and H. Schuh (2014). High-Rate GPS Seismology Using Real-Time Precise Point Positioning With Ambiguity Resolution.

Xingxing Li and Florian Zus and C. Lu and Tong Ning and G. Dick and Maorong Ge and J. Wickert and H. Schuh (2015). Retrieving high-resolution tropospheric gradients from multiconstellation GNSS observations.

Xingxing Li and G. Dick and C. Lu and Maorong Ge and T. Nilsson and Mathias Fritsche and J. Wickert and H. Schuh (2015). Multi-GNSS meteorology: Real-time retrieving of atmospheric parameters from GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo observations.

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