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Gao, Zhouzheng and Ge, Maorong and Li, You and Shen, Wenbin and Zhang, HongPing and Schuh, H. (2018). Railway irregularity measuring using Rauch–Tung–Striebel smoothed multi-sensors fusion system: quad-GNSS PPP, IMU, odometer, and track gauge. GPS Solutions

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Florian Zus and G. Beyerle and Stefan Heise and T. Schmidt and J. Wickert (2014). GPS radio occultation with TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X: sensitivity of lower troposphere sounding to the Open-Loop Doppler model.

Florian Zus and L. Grunwaldt and Stefan Heise and G. Michalak and T. Schmidt and J. Wickert (2014). Atmosphere sounding by GPS radio occultation: First results from TanDEM-X and comparison with TerraSAR-X.


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D. Behrend and K. D. Bayer and K. Armstrong and R. Heinkelmann and T. Nilsson and Maria Karbon and Li Liu and C. Lu and Julian Andres Mora-Diaz and Elisabeth Parselia and Virginia Raposo-Pulido and B. Soja and Minghui Xu and H. Schuh (2014). The GFZ VLBI Solution: Characteristics and First Results.


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Bitharis, Stylianos and Ampatzidis, Dimitrios and Pikridas, Christos and Fotiou, Aristeidis and Rossikopoulos, Dimitrios and Schuh, H. (2017). The Role of GNSS Vertical Velocities to Correct Estimates of Sea Level Rise from Tide Gauge Measurements in Greece. Marine Geodesy, 297 - 314.

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Belda, Santiago and Heinkelmann, R. and Ferrándiz, José M. and Karbon, Maria and Nilsson, T. and Schuh, H. (2017). An Improved Empirical Harmonic Model of the Celestial Intermediate Pole Offsets from a Global VLBI Solution. Astronomical Journal


Anderson, James and Beyerle, G. and Glaser, Susanne and Liu, Li and Männel, B. and Nilsson, T. and Heinkelmann, R. and Schuh, H. (2018). Simulations of VLBI observations of a geodetic satellite providing co-location in space. Journal of Geodesy, 1023 - 1046.

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